Warmed future

Crow’s houses are like bowls, opened upwards, gathering blue of the sky pouring in them. Houses without a foundation and without a roof, where a part of the interior is a live wallpaper with roads along which rivers of cars flow, either quickly or slow down at a traffic light. On these wallpapers you can see sidewalks and people in masks. If they are smiling or being sad you can recognize only coming closer to them and looking straight into their eyes. But who can come close right now? Only a homeless dog who does not know what social distancing is and only wants to be fed. Or at least being looked into its eyes too.

To cover the nests, crows use bunches of grass, some rags and shreds of wool. Everything will work out to create warmth and comfort. Having flown down from the poplar onto the lawn, a crow can stand for a long time in one position, looking somewhere at one point, as if thinking about something. And then suddenly it rushes to the side and picks up a piece of some garbage. But it’s garbage only for those who are not going to live in a new nest. But a crow is going to, and not alone. Therefore, it is a valuable material for warming its future – eggs and then nestlings.

Nature is sensible, it gives everyone what one needs. If you need a little – just sky, grass and the sun, if your house is a poplar crown, if your natural element is the wind in your wings, then nature will give you everything you need. Your future will be warmed simply because nature not only loves your nests, it lives and breathes in them. I think about the future of humans – does nature want to live in our stone nests, concrete cells, in the gloom of our technocratic jungle?


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