Air under the rain

It is amazing how saturated with spring the rain air is, how much freshness of colors and aromas it has. In the rain you can scoop the air with your palms. The road starts reflecting the sky. Are you walking through the puddles or the sky? Your wet shoes say one thing and imagination draws another.

During the rain birds prefer to sit in their shelters, because at this time they do not use imagination, but a simple common sense, forcing them to follow natural laws. Rain comes in a zone of low atmospheric pressure, and it’s only seems to me that the air is saturated, but in fact it becomes less dense. The presence of water leads to a decrease in the number of air molecules. Birds require much more energy to fly in rainy weather. So without much need they do not fly in the rain.

But still we have something in common. It’s the feeling that this spring rain won’t happen for long. Just in a while the sun will come out. Birds will fly out of the nests and go about their business. Air will hold their wings securely. I’ll return home, having walked through the sky, breathed the saturated air of May, its blooming bird cherries and rain.


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