Continuation of the Sky

On a blue sheet of sky, a bird is just a small dot. We look at her and think how she copes with this vastness. How she preserves herself in an immense bottomless space and having descended from the sky to a tree she remains herself – the energy collected in a nucleus, life that squeezed itself into a fluffy kernel. So small and defenseless – how does she not lose herself?

The bird does not feel separation from the sky, because it is a continuation of her wings, which hug the nestlings, cover the field and forest, surround this whole earth. There is no difference between the sky and a bird. Space and point merge into a single picture of the world.

In this picture of the world, we, human beings, stand like in a museum and admire the beautiful landscape, not realizing that we are not outside observers, but a part of this common life. Our pulse is the rhythms of the earth, we breathe the breath of heaven. Human beings also have wings that can give us the power to be ourselves and hug this world. These wings are our heart.


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